About Us

Nordic Research Alliance is a collaboration between leading research institutes in the Nordic countries.

Current members include:

  • Analyse Danmark (Denmark)
  • Novus (Sweden),
  • Otantatutkimus Oy (Finland) and
  • Respons Analyse (Norway)

The cooperation as a whole, is a major player in the Nordic market for research with access to more than 120,000 panel members in the four countries.

Nordic Research Alliance runs and implements cross regional studies on a monthly basis and can provide speedy implementation and high quality research at competitive prices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

In addition to several hundred freelance interviewers, Nordic Research Alliance employs 60 highly skilled professionals with expertise in most fields and sectors. We use state-of-the art software tools and patented methods to ensure the optimal client experience.

Norwegians are the worst budget makers in Europe

No European people has a larger aversion against budgetting as the Norwegians. Only 26 % make a budget on a regular basis, which is way lower than in the rest of Europe.See this and other news from NRA here

Norwegian weather service YR best in Scandinavia

A cross-Nordic survey by Nordic Research Alliance finds that the most reliable weather service is YR from Norway.
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